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edit: Slots full this round!  Thank you very much for commissioning me! ;o;;

▶ Progress check:


Commission: Lo-Wah by dr-jiin
Colour, simple shade.  Fill/gradient background.  Max. (2) characters.
>$15 USD each

Daishou by dr-jiin
Lined.  Very minimal or no shading at all.  Gradient or fill background.  Might add in a small “background prop” (like a tree, for example) if I see fit.
>Bust: $15-20 USD each
>Waist/Mid-thigh: $25-35 USD each

Simple Colour:

One step closer by dr-jiin………

Lined.  Minimal shading.  Gradient or fill background.  Might add in a small “background prop” (like a tree, for example) if I see fit.

>Bust: $20-25 USD each

>Waist/Mid-thigh: $30-40 USD each

Experimental Illustration: $60-70 USD (+$30 for an additional character)

Style will vary.  Waist up or full body. Fully rendered.  Simple/minimal background.  Max. (2) characters.

Something I just wanted to try out, so just putting this commission type out there LMSDF.  Think of this kind of like how Secret Santa events work, I guess?  You will leave me the character of choice and prompt(s) and I will interpret and draw a piece to the best of my abilities.  Basically giving me a lot of artistic freedom(??)  Alternately called the "DO YOU TRUST ME" commission/HITHIT.  Examples below are to get a general idea of my style of drawing.  Only taking up to (2) slots for this commission type.

Galaxy-Eyes by dr-jiinDive by dr-jiinSV: reddii by dr-jiinA moment of silence by dr-jiinWinter Flight by dr-jiinThe vanishing act by dr-jiinTears of a little prince by dr-jiinJulia by dr-jiinMilizia SS:  Joyeux Noel by dr-jiinEagle wings by dr-jiin


Some things to know before you decide to commission me:
   ● I will do my best to finish in a timely manner.  Please don’t rush me.
   ● ...but just saying, I’m kinda slow when it comes to drawing and I may take some time to finish since I also have life outside of drawing to juggle SCHOOL GHGH OTL.  Please keep this in mind before you decide whether or not to commission me.
   ● I won’t start until I have received payment in full.  Paypal (USD) only please.
   ● I have the right to turn down a commission.
   ● Artwork is for personal use only.  No commercial use, please do not sell the artwork in any manner.
   ● WILL DRAW: Original characters, fan characters, official characters, human hybrid/animal ears/tail, light guro.
   ● WON’T DRAW: yaoi, yuri, porn, furries, mecha, original characters/fan characters with official characters from series (ex. Sasuke from Naruto with an OC).
   ● Please send picture references.  I won't draw just by description--(I'll probably end up drawing something totally different than what you're expecting LOL;; )

How to order:

If interested, please NOTE or EMAIL (docdocjin[at]gmail[dot]com) me and include the following order form:

ORDER FORM: Please send me a note/email titled "Commission"

Name: (your username and/or your name)

Paypal e-mail address:

Commission Type: (For example: "Monochrome Waist/Mid-thigh")

References: (Picture references.  Even if it's an official character I could search up, please add image references)

Descriptions: (About the character(s), their personality, details on their clothes, their relationship with another character (if multiple characters), provide a link to an already written bio, a song that you associate with your character, etc, etc.)

Extra notes (optional): (Anything you want to add?)

Feel free to shoot me a note or an email if you have any questions/comments!  Thank you for reading!


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Hello, I'm jin! ♪( ´▽ `) YOROSHIKU★

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BlackLullibies Feb 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
your art is amazing!
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NycterisA Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Found my way here by way of a tweet from PlanetX linking to your tumblr. Amazing work!
(1 Reply)
Dropping by to stalk Jiin's awesome arts
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jinyjin Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha thanks for the watch. its kinda weird being watched by another Jin xD
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